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As with any monetary investment, a person should do their homework.  With the explosion of online gaming sites in the lastthumbs up decade, and the ease in which one can create an online casino, many fly-by-night operators have, and continue to be in the business of simply robbing players.  Before opening an account at one of the thousands of potential site important questions should be considered:


Is it legal?

This question pertains mostly to US based sites since gaming laws vary from state to state.  Online gaming is allowed in some states and banned in others.  A site set up in a banned state will quickly be shut down and its assets seized.  Also, there is a movement in Congress to ban all online gaming in the US so any online casinos may be shut down in a few years.

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When it comes to “off-shore” sites, be extremely careful.  Many are known to be operated by organized crime syndicates and used to launder drug money.  Many times the operators of these sites will bribe government officials to look the other way, making any type of legal action over legitimate disputes by wronged players almost impossible.


Are disputes resolved quickly and fairly?  Online customer support

As with any business that deals with the public customer service is always a big issue.  A well run site should resolve problems in a timely manner by responding to inquires within 48 hours or less to account for time zone differences.  Refunds for site made mistakes or game errors should be paid promptly. 


  1. What are the perks for signing up?

Online casinos often offer bonuses to new players including free play, forgiving losses, and free entry in to contests.  An often used marketing ploy they can work to your advantage.  Shop around for the best deals, they’re usually on a sites’ title page.


Best Online Casinos

(Author’s note: I have in no way been compensated by any of these sites.)

Bovada casino logoBovada

Has all the classic table games and slots, video poker, and a sports book.  Allows player free practice play before signing up. Many sign on and player bonuses and has an excellent reputation as honest and dealing with issues promptly. (Bovada free European Roulette)

Silver Oak casinoSilver Oak Casino

Has a $1,000 match signing bonus and good jackpots.  Maintains a reputation as a classy operation and well-tuned to player’s needs.


Planet 7 casino logoPlanet7 Casino

Excellent sign up bonuses and only a $50 sign up minimum.  Good game play and potential million dollar payouts on certain progressive games.


Grand Parker CasinoGrand Parker casino logo

Table players can earn a 250% bonus for signing up, up to $2,500.  Many of its games do not require downloading software (many online casinos do).  Runs daily tournoments with great prize pools.      

Grand Parker casino