Buyer Beware

Online gambling can be a fun, and with some knowledge and luck, lucrative endeavor.Jackpot win plenty  However, for every honest online casino there lurks at least one evil twin.  Educating yourself on which is which is an essential step to take when choosing a casino.  Here are a few tips:

Where is it located?

What country is it based out of?  This can usually be ascertained by Shaky govermentthe currency they operate with.* Keep an eye on the news.  Countries with shaky or outright corrupt governments are perfect places for scam artists to set up shop since they have little or no fear of any regulation.

*Keep an eye on exchange rates, miscalculating can cost you a lot of money depending on the currencies involved.



 Lottery & Gaming Authority MaltaGaming authority Malta

Online casinos with a remote gaming licence from Malta must prove their liability. Rigorous due diligence tests and checks must satisfy the Malta Gaming Authority before a licence is granted. (list of licensed operators)(class 1 operators)

How does the site look?

Legitimate casinos spend a great deal of money to make their sites look and operate professionally, and it will show.  Professional casinos look good and the games operate smoothly with few if any glitches.  Scam sites are done on the cheap and it will be reflected in both visuals and game play.


Although overseas casinos don’t worry about the Better Business Bureau there are more than enough legitimate casino review sites to check on who does business the right way and who doesn’t.


Here’s a short list of some of the worst offenders:

Moore Games

Numerous players have complained of not receiving legitimate winnings and in some cases having them disappear altogether, in the thousands of euros.  These losses are often blamed on the player and inquiries are frequently ignored.


Especially bad for roulette players.  Bad game mechanics cause odds to be skewed very heavily and unfairly to the house.  In one instance a player bet “0” 1156 consecutive times and never won.  The odds of that: 57 trillion to one.**

**Courtesy of

Virtual Casino Group

Pays off winnings slowly and in many cases not at all.  Includes the casinos: Cirrus Casino, Prism Casino, Cool Cat Casino, Palace of Chance, Club Player, Vip Lounge, Bet Royal Casino, and

Casino Bar

Another site with odds that don’t accurately reflect statistical reality.

Intercasino a Cryptologic
online casino

Inter Casino


Begado Casino

Accepting USA players

Begado casino accepting USA players

Slots Plus casino
Also for table games

Slots Plus casino

Roulette Reviews a website all about Roulette