Martingale Pro Strategy

 Like the original Martingale Strategy this one relies on doubling wagers after a losing bet.  Unlike the strategy however this one only uses the Black and Red spaces. And takes into account the table limits for online games, usually $500 for playing outside spaces.

Here’s how it works:

After a 9th consecutive unsuccessful spin, you would need to place a bet of $512 (starting with a $1 bet and doubling it 9 times: $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $512) which wouldn't be possible because of the $500 (usually) bet limit on Black/Red.  Here’s how you can overcome that and make two more spins which, as you may guess, will tremendously increase your chances to succeed - this makes this strategy 22% more effective than the regular. Here is how the bet limit of $500 is overcome after your color hasn't come out 9 times in a row and you have reached a bet of $256:

On the 10th spin, you need to bet $300 on the color you have played unsuccessfully on the spins before and also place $20 on every number of the color you have chosen (straight up bets) In this case, if your color comes out on this spin, you will have $149 profit. If the 10th spin is also unsuccessful, you will have one last try to have your color come out which should be successful according to the Calculus Of Probability. On the 11th spin, you need to bet $300 on your color again, and $100 on each number of your color (straight up bets). If your color comes out on the 11th spin, your profit will be $929.

As you can see, the Pro Martingale Strategy provides a much better chances to win compared to the regular one, and also it can bring much higher profits on the 10th and 11th spin. The reason for the higher bets we place on the 10th and 11th spin is that the chance for your color to come out is getting very high.

Be very careful, although the math is on your side for the 10th and 11th spins, they are very expensive under this strategy: 10th spin: $300 on a color and $20 on every number of that color= $300 + ($20 * 18) =$660.  11th spin: $300 + ($100 * 18) =$2,100.  Make sure your bankroll can handle it.

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