The 666 Strategy

Although it sounds evil, if done properly this strategy will leave you with only 6 losing numbers per spin for odds of 83% per spin.

Roulette Devil 666Here’s how it works, you need a $66 stake to start.  Place $36 on Red, next put a $4 bet on the following sets of bordering numbers: 1 and 2 (0 and 2 for a single 0 European wheel), 8 and 11, 10 and 13, 17 and 20, 26 and 29, 28 and 31 for a total of $24.  Next place a $2 bet on 3 of the remaining six numbers:  4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, and 35.  If any of the 6 numbers you picked didn’t come out you lose your bet, any hit leads to a $6 profit since any win will be $72. 

This strategy does have a small variation on an American 0, 00 wheel.  To increase the odds, increase the stake to $70 by putting another $4 bet on the line between 0 and 00.  This will reduce the number of losing numbers to four but reduce the profit on a winning spin to $2.

To make this strategy more profitable, double the bets to $72 on Red, $8 on the pairs of numbers and $4 on the three single numbers for a total of $141 per spin and a profit of $3 on a Red or pair win ($144), and $4 on a single number win. (This is not recommended on an American 0, 00 wheel since the extra $8 you would need to cover the line between 0, 00 would negate any profits on winning spins.)

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