The Martingale Strategy

Marginale strategyFirst used in France in the 16th Century, a Martingale betting strategy was first used for the simple game of coin flipping, heads or tails.  The system said that the gambler should double his wager after a losing bet therefore recouping his losses and continue doubling after consecutive losses.

For roulette this strategy will work on both a European single 0 wheel and American 0/00 since the only place you will be wagering is on the outside areas that payoff 1:1; 1-18, 19-36, Odd, Even, and Black, Red.

Here’s how it would work:

Let’s say you bet $1 on a color at your choice (Black or Red) and if your color comes out then you will have $1 profit (odds of winning 1:1). After that, you place a bet of $1 again on the same color and if you win again, you will continue to bet $1 on one and the same color until you lose or you decide to stop playing. In case you lose your bet of $1, then your next bet will be double $2. Let’s say that you lose again, then you need to double the lost bet of $2 and bet $4 on the chosen color. If you lose one more time, then you double the previous bet of $4 and this time bet $8 on the same color. Continue to bet like this till the moment when your color comes out. When this happens you will have everything lost back plus profit of your initial bet (in this case $1). Let’s say that your color comes out after your bet of $8, then you will win $16 and you will have everything lost back plus profit of $1. The initial bet may be an amount of your choice, but it is not recommended to be more than $5.      

Let’s make a calculation of what you’ve bet:

$1 + $2 + $4 + $8 = $15

Since the casino pays you $16, you have recovered your losses and you have $1 profit (your initial bet).

Warning:  Make sure you have a large enough bankroll to absorb a losing streak.  This strategy can burn through your money very quickly.  Although mathematically it can be successful, it is only if the player has an infinite amount of money (which even Bill Gates on his best day doesn’t) that it’s 100% successful.


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