The Probability Strategy

Roulette strategyUnlike a regular casino roulette game, online roulette requires some different strategic approaches, although some strategies work on both.  Whereas a casino wheels’ odds are affected by the age of the wheel, any imperfections on it and the skill of the croupier, online games run on the statistical mathematics of the software.  Honestly run sites software will stick to accurate statistical norms.  With that in mind here is a basic strategy based on probability.

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Take a pen and paper and record the numbers that come out on 37 consecutive spins.  Then place $1 bets on the 13 numbers that have not come out, and/or those that have come out the fewest times.  If none of those numbers come out on that spin, bet $1 on those 13 numbers again.  If they don’t come out a second time, double the bet to $2 per number ($26) on the third spin.  Under the laws of probability every number will come out on a wheel the same amount of times after enough spins.  Under this law, after 27,000 spins, every number comes out in 2.7% of spins.

This is a good basic strategy for beginners. It’s easy to remember and implement.  Try it out on any site that has practice play a few times before betting real money.

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